step1 Contact us

Thank you for visiting our homepage. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Click here for the inquiry form

If you are interested in our work, please contact us by email, contact form, phone, or fax. We will arrange a date and time for your interview.

step2 Consultation (free)

We would like to meet with you directly and discuss your story. (We will be happy to come to you if you wish.) Please discuss the scale, budget, schedule, and what kind of building you would like. We will also explain our past works, how we proceed with our work, and talk about design fees. We are happy to consult with you even if you have not decided on a site. We will promptly respond to advice at the land search and budget planning stages.

step3 First proposal

We will conduct an on-site survey of the site based on the requested site materials. (In the case of renovation, we will conduct a building survey.) After sorting out the legal conditions, we will first propose a simple first plan using models and proposals (drawings, perspective, etc.). Please consider whether or not to accept our request based on this proposal.

step4 Design Contract

After mutual agreement is reached, a formal design and supervision contract will be signed. The design fee varies depending on the size and structure, but it is 10-13% of the total construction cost. The details will be determined during the meeting depending on the scale, budget, and design details, so please feel free to contact us.

step5 Design and Meetings

Basic design

We begin the actual design based on the proposal. In order to fully reflect the client’s requests, we use models, drawings, perspectives, etc. in discussions to decide on plans, conduct ground surveys, and consider structural formats.

Detailed design

Based on the basic design, we discuss details such as structural examination, equipment and furniture specifications, and create detailed drawings. Approximate design period: 3 to 6 months (for residential scale)

step6 Reqest for quotation and Selection of construction campany

We usually request estimates from two or three construction companies. (You can also specify a construction company.) We will assess the construction company’s estimate and check the consistency between the drawings and the estimate. We select a contractor who can carry out appropriate construction work within the budget, create a reduction plan if necessary, and further adjust the budget (VE: value engineering) with the selected contractor. This is also the design review period, and assessing and adjusting construction costs is a very important process.

After the construction cost is determined, you will sign a construction contract with the construction contractor.

step7 Confirmation application

At the same time as determining the scale and specifications of the building, we will apply for confirmation. This application is also required when using financing.

step8 Construction supervision

Once construction begins, we regularly visit the site and supervise the construction to ensure that it is being constructed properly according to the design documents. Please discuss the final finish and color on-site. Estimated period: 6-8 months (for residential scale)

step9 Completion

After office inspection and client inspection, construction will be completed and handed over.

step10 After completion

If there are any problems after handover, we will confirm the site with the construction contractor and take responsibility for dealing with them until the end.



I would like to consult with you, what should I do?


In addition to telephone, fax, and e-mail, we also accept inquiries using this inquiry form. Please contact us first so we can arrange a date and time for your consultation.

We also hold consultation meetings on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, so please let us know the date and time that is convenient for you.


I have not found a site for construction, but is it possible to consult with me?


If you don’t know what kind of building is likely to be built, you won’t be able to actually purchase the land. At this stage, we will advise you on whether the requested volume will fit within your budget, including a simple legal check, so please bring specific site information and materials for consideration. We strive to respond quickly to specific plan studies.



Is there a cost for consultation?


The first consultation is free. If it is a simple proposal at the stage of searching for land, we will cooperate as much as possible, regardless of whether it is the first time. We will explain the design costs and payment schedule during your initial consultation.


At what stage does it cost money?


Normally, after hearing your detailed requests during the initial consultation, we will make a presentation within 2 to 3 weeks. At this time, we will prepare basic drawings, simple models, CG, movies, etc. as deliverables.

If we proceed directly to a design contract, there will be no particular cost, but if you decide that our design cannot proceed after you consider the initial proposal, we will charge 100,000 yen per proposal as the actual work fee. (excluding tax).


At what stage will a design contract be signed?


After receiving your initial proposal, we usually have two or three meetings to work out a plan that reflects your wishes as much as possible. From there, we usually ask for a design contract in order to proceed with a more specific design.


How much is the design fee required?


Depending on the size of the building, the fee is set at 10-13% of the construction cost. However, if structural calculations are required, 20% of the design fee will be charged separately as a structural design fee. We also handle minor repairs and small-scale projects.

We will discuss design fees depending on the situation, so please contact us for details.


What are the benefits of working with a design office?


One is that you can make your dream plan come true by allocating your total budget wisely.

Especially when it comes to houses, since the people who live in them are different, no two houses in this world are the same, and each person has their own preferences. In order to find this, we have many conversations. I would like to strive to ensure that there are always surprises and discoveries in the proposals. Think of us as your partner in transforming what you value most now into future happiness.

Another advantage of hiring a design firm is that, from a third-party perspective independent of the construction company, they supervise (check) the estimated price and whether the actual construction work is being carried out properly on behalf of the client.